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ers more easily. The government will encourage enterprises to invest more in RD and offer preferential policies for knowledge-intensive startups. It will even allow leading enterprises to join state-level research projects. Currently, the plan is still a general framework, and detailed policies and actions ar

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    e needed. But it is a good start and, if successful, will shape the country into a real power.China is planning to build a deep-sea "space station" capable of accommodating dozens of people and able to reach depths of 1000 meters, according to Yan Kai, director of the State Key Laboratory for Manned Deep-sea Equipment, reported by Science

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    and Technology Daily. "While Jiaolong, China's manned deep-sea research submersible, can only

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    carry several people, undertaking a 12-hour underwater trip, a future 'space station' might

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    weigh thousands of tons and be capable of staying beneath the sea for over two weeks a

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    nd carry dozens of people", says Yan Kai, who's also a member of the National People's Con

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